Whitepaper: How to define a workable solution to the power quality goal of a data center

What would it be like to have a team of high-level data center experts evaluate the adoption of various new technologies for your data center?

On March 17, 2015, 25 data center professionals gathered in a “Power Lunch” to identify the ways in which a diversified services firm could improve its business and IT operations by deploying advanced power management technologies. During lunch they defined a workable solution to the power quality goals for a fictional data center called Shamrock Corporation.

The results of this discussion are captured in the report “Shamrock Accords”, which is available for download now. They provide insight to any management team looking to assess the ways that DCIM, microgrids, renewable energy and medium voltage AC equipment can reduce costs, deliver better power quality and reliability, enhance the resilience needed to deal with power outages and catastrophic events, and improve corporate social responsibility performance.

Key takeaway:

“As IT becomes an increasingly-important delivery point for services that are central to corporate viability and growth – as firms become increasingly reliant on data center operational efficiency and continuity as a platform for business success – and as IT uptime/failure becomes a life-and-death issue for company performance – we can expect to see more companies act as Shamrock Corp. did in our example, pressing IT to explore options for better power reliability, quality and redundancy. Technologies like DCIM, renewables, microgrid and medium voltage AC may be viewed as leading edge in today’s data center, but the delivery capabilities that they provide will be viewed as essential attributes in our increasingly IT-centric world.”

Download: The Shamrock Accords»

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