Study: DCIM revenues will grow over the next four years

A recently released study by IDC contains the forecast for the revenue associated with the software and services for DCIM solutions.

The key figures:

Worldwide revenue from the sale of datacenter infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions like ABB’s Decathlon will reach $576.0 million at the end of 2015, up 21.4% from $474.6 million in 2014. This figure includes revenue from the software and also services associated with implementation.

Source: IDC

“To keep up with the increasing demands for more rapid and improved delivery of IT services to customers, datacenter managers will invest in technologies that make the current infrastructure “smarter,” such as real-time monitoring, predictive analytics, and increased automation of tasks. DCIM will play a key role in enabling smart datacenter resource management and will help enterprises gain the most from their existing physical datacenter resources,” said Jennifer Koppy, research director, Datacenter Management at IDC.

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  1. Hannah Ash says:

    always encouraging to see stats like this!

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