How UPS efficiency can boost PUE

In a recently published article Alan Luscombe, Director at Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd, a Kohler company, looks at the significance of PUE and how modern UPS topology can help to improve it.

“PUE provides a useful comparative indicator that can reveal improvements and changes within the data centre”, he writes. “One slightly counterintuitive result occurs if a data centre succeeds in bettering its IT hardware’s efficiency – the overall PUE deteriorates. However this effect can be countered, and PUE improved, if UPS energy efficiency is improved. In fact, the benefits are two-fold; in addition to direct energy savings, raised UPS efficiency cuts energy use by reducing cooling requirements.”

According to Luscombe, transformerless UPS systems, offer clear advantages: “Transformer-based systems use more energy than their transformerless alternatives for two reasons. Firstly the transformer approach is inherently less efficient. Secondly, as their capacity cannot be incrementally adjusted to their load, transformer types inevitably find themselves operating well below their rated capacity, and this further reduces their efficiency.”

Besides this, eco-mode can provide further improvements in efficiency: “A modern modular system can achieve 96.1% efficiency while operating on-line. For many data centres, this is the default mode. This can be increased to 99% efficiency, or possibly more, by switching to eco-mode”, Luscombe writes.,

Why data centre PUE is important – and how UPS efficiency can boost it»

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