Use Case: ABB’s flexible UPS design fully meets the non-standard requirements of a major aviation customer

ABB has secured an order to provide UPS back-up power for a multi-million dollar aviation project based in the Middle East. This project is the region’s largest in the aviation sector, and represents a step towards ongoing power protection solutions for this industry.

The new international airport required a power protection solution that would provide back-up power should the main power supply fail. Due to the power requirement for 600 kVA UPS units, ABB’s UPSs were not initially considered as a solution (ABB’s commercial UPS product line covers up to 500 kW in one single unit).

However, following Winston Churchill’s advice of “never, never, never give up,” ABB and its channel partner continued to monitor the project. As happens in most major projects, the load specifications were revised and 600 kW units were deemed to be unnecessary. With this change, ABB’s channel partner immediately reentered the tender process with a series of product presentations and technical discussions.

Fully backed by technical support from ABB’s UAE unit and the factory, the channel partner conducted a presentation for the relevant authorities and consultants. This presentation successfully opened the door for the ABB submission to be put forward. However, there were several complex requirements in the specifications that required further close cooperation between the channel partner and ABB, as well as several technical sessions with the main contractor’s engineers.

After a few months of collaboration, ABB and the channel partner were awarded a letter of intent and, subsequently, the final order. This is the largest single order for ABB in the MEA Region to date.

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