Why modular UPS are the best choice for cloud service providers

Cloud computing involves the delivery of on-demand resources through a computer network — typically over the Internet — permitting a separation between a user’s computer and the actual resources they use. In essence, cloud computing delivers computing as a service rather than a product. A cloud can be public (Amazon Web Services), or private (internal corporate).

Cloud services are attractive to their users partly because they can be based in data centres that offer levels of security that cannot be matched by an enterprise’s own facilities.

In a recently published article, Alan Luscombe, of Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd, a Kohler company, looks at the advanced UPS technology that provides the availability levels required to achieve this high levels of security, along with the flexibility, scalability and power efficiency also essential to such operations.

His conclusion:

„Overall, modular UPS systems meet the exacting requirements of a cloud service provider. With their De-centralised Parallel Architecture and hot swap modules, their availability is extremely high, rated at 99.9999% or ‘six nines’. Modules can be swapped while the system is online without interruption of power or risk to the load. Online efficiency is also high, at up to 96.1%, or better than 99% in Eco mode. And for Cloud service providers and direct business users alike, cost of ownership is exceptionally low.“

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