Big data challenges UPS infrastructure providers

Big data just keeps expanding. Science Daily reported in 2013, a full 90 percent of all the data in the world was generated over the previous two years.

The number of devices and applications connecting into the Internet, as well as devices leading to heavy trafficking of all kind of data, the future potential for data generation leads to exponential increases in demand for compute and storage.

This has major impact on the design of data centers, states Amit Singh, Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst in a recently published article. He predicts an increasing preference to go for integrated modular solutions which require minimum time to deploy and are scalable for future expansion.

But this development also poses challenges on UPS infrastructure providers.

Singhs conclusion:

“The large and extra-large data center market is very lucrative for global UPS OEMs but lack of volume in this segment limits opportunities for these companies. However, the medium and small data centers market that constitutes more than 90% of the total data center market is predominantly a volume-driven segment, having potential for scalability. This is bound to attract new entrants with integrated modular solutions capability especially in the power and cooling segment.


The small and medium-sized data centers require integrated modular solutions in a lower KVA range with smaller business cycles and order lot. Will this segment attract the existing UPS companies and new entrants such as ABB remains to be seen. The challenge for the industry participants would be in developing economical integrated modular solutions that fits the budget of the small and medium-sized data centers.”

Integrated Modular Data Center to Rejig the UPS Industry Structure by Amit Singh, Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst (The article requires registration on the page)


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