Latest issue of ABB Power is out now

Highlights in the latest edition of the power protection magazine of the ABB Group include a case study for Conceptpower DPA 500 uninterruptible power supply for the stock exchange datacenter in Taiwan and a report on our eco-friendly UPS testing center in Ticino:

From the very start ABB’s center of UPS excellence (Newave SA) not only developed eco-friendly UPS products (Newave has been a trendsetter in terms of modular and transformerless UPSs), but also knew how to go green on the product line. The company strived to adapt eco-friendly operations and sustainable practices in all aspects of their production process. Eco-friendly industrial practices were also top-priority when the testing center for UPS named “GREEN test bay” was put in place.

Find out more in the new edition of ABB “Power” magazine.

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