Top 5 trends driving DCIM adoption

The approach to energy is becoming significantly more strategic to data centers and the enterprises they support. The same innovations being applied to the smart grid and to mission-critical industrial plants are finding their way into data centers. The challenge for data center operators is to dynamically manage a flexible network to achieve reliability, energy efficiency and maximum utilization from all data center assets.

To fill this need data center infrastructure management (DCIM) systems like ABB’s Decathlon emerged.

Although DCIM solutions have been around for more a while, there are five trends that have rapidly increased its adoption (Also to be read in this article on Data Center Knowledge):

1. Software is eating the world: apps define the enterprise.

2. The data center boat may get swamped. Mobile, big data and Internet of Things.

3. What are we buying with all this money? Increasing IT budgets forcing financial discipline.

4. Security breaches drive data center compliance.

5. Acquisition-mania demands improved data center processes.


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