How to power health: Modular UPS for medical laboratory (Case study)

The processes involved in analyzing blood are particularly sensitive to power interruptions and the consequences of any analysis error can be very serious. Therefore, good quality power must be maintained to the analysis equipment at all costs. So, when the Swiss- based medical analysis enterprise „Dr. Risch Medical Laboratory“ was expanding its analytic operations and emergency backup power system, it was very careful in its choice of UPS provider.

The laboratory already had a UPS, from a non-ABB supplier, but this was too weak to support the expanded array of analysis equipment and the enlarged computing center so a number of potential suppliers of a new system were reviewed. The choice fell on a DPA UPScale ST 200 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to ensure that their operation has a rock-solid supply of clean power no matter what happens on the utility side.

To find out more about this use case, we highly recommend to read and download the case study in full.

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