Four trends shaping Data Centers of tomorrow

When the use of technology changes, so does the infrastructure change that supports it. For example, the rapidly growing mobile internet use constantly challenges data centers to keep up with technology and design for the new demands.

Jackson Metcalf, mission critical expert at Gensler, recently blogged about the four data center trends that are shaping the future of the data center. Read the key statements below:

Trend 1: More is more

„Rather than focusing on single, massive facilities with layers of redundancy and hardening, we’re seeing clients create multiple data centers in different geographic areas […] This enables clients to have data centers where they need them, and minimize risk by creating facilities in different locations.“

Trend 2: Tier 1 is the new Tier 4

„For several years now, we’ve watched the major tech companies break down their mega data-centers, opting instead to create agile networks of interconnected facilities. […] The result is that Tier 4 facilities—those with the highest rating of the Uptime Institute—are falling out of favor as companies look to locate multiple, smaller data centers—Tier 1 or Tier 2 facilities—in different locations.“

Trend 3: Shorter lifespan for facilities

„Ten years ago, we built many mission critical facilities using 50-100 year construction methods. That just doesn’t make sense today. […] They’re building data centers in a prototypical, modular fashion that enables them to grow and change out mechanical and electrical systems efficiently.“

Trend 4: Plug & play

„For data centers, rapid change is inevitable as facilities scramble to keep pace with tech cycles. As a result, our clients have always  designed ways to create modular, scalable computing systems.  […] We design facilities with that kind of modularity so that as new systems emerge, our clients can quickly and efficiently decommission and change them.“

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