Case study: Scandinavian data center – DPA 500 UPS modular design fulfills customer needs

ABB recently received a significant order for a four-frame DPA 500 UPS system. The DPA 500 has been well received by markets around the world as it matches exactly the needs of many customers – especially those responsible for large data centers. The DPA 500 has critical advantages that made it a natural choice for this major scandinavian data center.

The key to the DPA 500s success is that the UPS is modularized and each module has all the hardware and software needed for autonomous operation – rectifier, inverter, battery converter, static bypass switch, back-feed protection, control logic, display, and mimic diagram for monitoring and control.

The project in scandinavia is a key reference for ABB’s modular UPS. It shows that very critical applications are best served by using modular UPS technology with an N+1 configuration.

ABB representative Conny Hurtig said, “our client in Scandinavia recognized all the advantages the truly modular architecture of the DPA 500 brings and decided to go with ABB. They needed extensions and changes to the current 12 kV and 0.4 kV systems, backup power and UPS system and the two DPA 500s fitted the UPS bill perfectly. ABB’s modular UPSs were chosen mainly because of their reliability, advanced technology, and the prestige and high quality associated with the ABB brand.

The four-frame, DPA 500 N+1 configurations will be installed in two new IT room segments and have startup power capacities of 500 kW and 900 kW respectively, with 10 minute battery backup. They can be upgraded to 900 kW and 1,500 kW.

For further flexibility, UPS capacity can be quickly switched from one system to the other, in minutes. The battery bank comprises 690 Powersafe 12V92F from energy storage solution provider Enersys on open racks and 15 ABB battery breakers. An ABB AKKA battery monitoring system for 690 blocks was also supplied, with measurement resolution in the mV range. AKKA periodically transmits battery performance data at block level and ensures that the critical backup power systems are ready when needed. The monitoring solution is fully in compliance with DPA battery tests. Communication is by Modbus over SNMP (USHA).

Heikki Rantama, ABB representative comments, “apart from the technical specification, the customer was well aware of the advantages of ABB’s local support and the quality of this Swiss product. But ABB’s novel concept, even though we didn’t follow the customer’s specs, swung things for us too.”

To find out more about this case study we recommend to download the recent issue of Power magazine.



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