Recommended reading: The Development of UPSs as Critical Data Centre Components

When UPSs first appeared in the mid-seventies, they serviced computer installations that aided productivity but were not always critical to their users’ business survival. As a result expectations related to the UPS’s role and attitudes towards energy efficiency were more relaxed that they are today.

Today, with 24/7 real time, on line transaction processing, this is no longer true, writes Kenny Green, Technical Support Manager at Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd, in his recentyl published article “The Development of UPSs as Critical Data Centre Components”:

“The last 30 years of UPS development has undoubtedly had a significant effect on IT power security and today, R&D is still responsible for driving growth, meaning further step changes in efficiency can be expected in the coming years. As the way data centres are used and managed develops over the next decade, UPS manufacturers will undoubtedly continue to invest and innovate, using the latest technological advances to ensure your load is as protected as it ever can be.”

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