The DPA way – Why decentralized parallel architecture increases UPS availability and lowers cost of ownership

The fact that an enterprise installs an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in the first place shows they are concerned that their critical load is assured a continuous source of clean power. Once the UPS is installed, however, it itself becomes a focus of reliability – for what use is it if it fails just when it is needed? In many cases, the result of a UPS failure can be catastrophic – imagine a large data center, for instance, going offline and the chaos that could cause to cre- dit card companies, banks or other organizations. For this reason, the most critical loads are protected by the very best UPS design – decentralized parallel architecture (DPA). DPA not only provides the best availability, but also the best serviceability, scalability and flexibility. Taken together, these features all deliver a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

To find out more we highly recommend the Whitepaper “The DPA way”, which ist available for download here.

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