Whitepaper: „DCIM: The enabling technology for smart grid in the data center“

Conflicting goals, such as higher quality and lower costs, are prevalent in many industries. The data center industry faces the seemingly contradictory goals of increasing computing power while decreasing demand for electricity in the face of steadily increasing cost of energy. A recently released white paper by ABB Data Cetners explains how an enabling technology for smart grid gives data centers the visibility, analysis and control to meet their goals for optimizing operations.

The most established techniques include:

  • Peak shaving to avoid spikes in demand for power that might otherwise incur penalty rates for electricity;
  • Reducing load on request when the utility faces especially high demand, or to offset utility spinning reserve require- ments;
  • Load shifting that moves data center activity to off-peak hours – or to other physical locations where momentary demand for power is lower.

The white paper shows why Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is necessary to achieve this. „DCIM,“, says Mark Reed, Director of ABB’s North America Data Center Initiative, „is the platform on which visibility, analysis and control are built.”

Download white paper: „DCIM: The enabling technology for smart grid in the data center“»

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