White paper: Spring into action with your UPS strategy

Many in the northern latitudes are enjoying the spring warm-up, especially after an exceptionally cold winter. For those operating data centers, spring comes with new threats to power supplies–like thunderstorms, tornados and hurricanes. Add human errors, arc flashes, physical intrusions, and utility black-outs to the physical threat list and the need for the need for highly efficient, low cost-of-ownership UPS becomes a must-have.

There is a simple reason for this: While data centers physically may be firmly anchored in their digital ecosystem, operationally they run in constant pursuit. Their goal is to capture sixnines status—an uptime target of 99.9999 percent. A key technology supporting that effort is the uninterruptible power supply, or UPS.

With the following white paper by ABB Power Protection Group you can learn more about the latest UPS technology.

Download | White paper “UPS – the power guarantee”»

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