Whitepaper: Gaining control of electrical use in the data center

In the electric utility industry, much of the incentive to decrease power usage and increase efficiency is to avoid the regulation roadblocks and massive expense of building new capacity. The same holds true with data centers. If you can increase server utilization you can expand capacity of your existing servers, decrease overall energy consumption and avoid penalties from overages.

In the Whitepaper “Gaining control of electrical use in the data center” you can learn, why it is not  possible to run a data center without worrying about the cost and availability of electricity.

It deals mainly with the question: “How can we manage capacity to reduce energy consumption and avoid penalties from overages?”

According to Rich Ungar, ABB’s Global Head of R&D for Decathlon, the answer has two parts: IT capacity and everything else.

“First,” he says, “maximize the efficiency of your IT systems by ncreasing server utilization.” Second, Ungar says, is to seek improvement in five key practices:

1. System availability and performance

2. Capacity planning and management

3. Resource forecasting and energy planning

4. Facility & IT automation

5. Troubleshooting and root cause analysis

To find out more, please download the whitepaper after the following link »

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