How to achieve efficient UPS solutions for XXL data centers

Demand for data capacity means that data center power requirements are increasingly reaching megawatt, rather than kilowatt, levels. „How can uninterruptible power supply providers respond to this challenge?“ asks Kenny Green, technical support manager, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, in an aritcle recently published on Datacenter Dynamics.

His answer:

„Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) vendors are increasingly able to meet these larger requirements, by scaling their technology as required. One powerful approach is based on transformerless modular UPSs; while kilowatt-level modular systems have been widely established for many years, megawatt implementations have now become possible.“

Eliminating the transformer has a significant impact on the UPS’s overall efficiency, as the following figure provided by Mr Green shows:

Combined with further efficiency savings from power factor improvements plus savings in size and weight, this brings major benefits in terms of parallel redundancy, right sizing and extensive scalability.

Source: Achieving cost-effective scalable UPS solutions at the MW level | Datacenter Dynamics »


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