Looking ahead at data center design optimization

In one of the last issues of ABB’s „Solutions for dat centers“-eBulletin the readers have been asked if they are considering using direct current in the future. The results: 26% of the participants said „Yes“, and 21% stated, that they are already using direct current.

The background: A DC-only world seems perfect in terms of energy efficiency. Especially in a data center there can be many wasteful AC/DC conversion stages.

But when it comes to data center design optimization, however, there are considerations other than energy efficiency. „In the crystal ball“, a recently released whitepaper by ABB deals with this topic.

„Optimizing the design of a data center is a good deal more difficult than it sounds because the owners, architects and engineers who have a say in the design may all have different priorities“, the authors write. „The ability to reconcile the desires of these parties as well as accommodate current and future trends in the industry is a core skill in the art of data center optimization.“

To find out more about their findings we highly recommend to download the whitepaper below:

In the crystal ball: Looking ahead at data center design optimization»

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