The data center industry is getting better at using power

With a 19% increase in the amount of electricity consumed globally by data centers between 2011 and 2012, there  was an increased focus on the data center industry from the media, public and government bodies, all concerned about its use of energy.

But results from the 2013 annual DCD Intelligence (DCDi) Industry Census show that this trend is slowing. The rise in power for the year was under half of 2012’s figures, at just over 7%.

What contributed to this lower rate of growth in the amount of power consumed by mission critical facilities?

The main reasons are:

  • Increased implementation of energy efficiency measures
  • Consolidation projects in the mature markets of the US and Europe
  • Increased usage of outsourcing
  • A slight slowdown in several emerging data center economies

For further insights we highly recommend to have a look at the extensive reports based on the 2013 census, available at the DCD intelligence website.

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