The 10% rule: What is Preventive Maintenance Compliance?

Never heard about „Preventive Maintenance Compliance?“ We will change that now. Preventive maintenance ensures maximum reliability by taking precautionary and proactive steps to reduce unscheduled equipment downtime and other avoidable failures. For example performing preventive maintenance on UPS and batteries on a regular basis greatly reduces the chance of failure during power outages.

The purpose of preventive maintenance in the data center is to institute scheduled inspections so that defects can be spotted before they evolve into something more severe.

This is the point where the „compliance“ comes in. It is best described by Jeff O’Brien, an industry specialist and blogger, in an article recently published on Data Center Knowledge:

„Given the potential costs of data center downtime, it is important to complete PM’s and to complete them on time. The easiest way to do this is to measure and enforce PM compliance. Your preventive maintenance compliance (PMC) score is the percentage of scheduled PM work orders that get done on time.

Who decides that time? The 10% rule of maintenance is a good starting point. The rule states that a preventive maintenance action should be completed within 10% of the scheduled maintenance interval. For example, a quarterly PM every 90 days, should be completed within 9 days of the due date or it is out of compliance. The 10% rule can help keep your PM intervals constant, reducing the time variable variation, thus improving reliability.“

Sounds good, right?

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  1. Lamint says:

    Thanks for this interesting article.
    In my opinion, choosing the right maintenance strategy can have a good impact on the overall results in your entire system. So take a little time to reflection carefully about your maintenance. Do right thing for right results!

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