Outlook on Asia-Pacific Power Systems and Batteries: 2014 will be a defining Year

In many ways, 2014 promises to be a defining year for the power systems and batteries industry in Asia-Pacific, setting the way in which the firms will address the market through the rest of the decade, reports Frost & Sullivan.

With rapidly evolving end-user segments and new technologies emerging after initial trial phases and companies well poised to take on the changes with fine-tuned strategies, companies are expected to incorporate the learnings of the past year and define their way forward.

The major end-user segments – data centres and telecom – are rapidly transforming in the way they use power systems and batteries. With other technological developments in the end-user segments, their value chains also have a bearing on the transformation that power systems and batteries will undergo.

In addition, new technologies that are shaping up to be disruptive, as well as new company strategies aimed at managing end-to-end value and alleviating industry challenges, will also influence the 2014 outlook for batteries and power systems.

Further, this research by Frost & Sullivan provides market predictions for the power systems and batteries market evolution for 2014. The highlights include:

  • Scramble to attain a comprehensive solutions portfolio
  • Focus on data centre and telecom segments to continue
  • Companies will look to launch solutions for smart grids and other smart technologies
  • Battery vendors will look to increase value-chain power
  • Batteries in the demonstration phase for various applications will move into the commercialisation phase

Frost & Sullivan: 2014 Outlook on Asia-Pacific Power Systems and Batteries»

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