New Report on Global UPS Services Market: Increasing Awareness Levels among End Users will Drive the Market

The global market for services on uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) services market is a mature market with high opportunities for growth over the next five years, states a newly released report by Frost & Sullivan. UPS service revenues come mainly from two sources: concurrent and non-concurrent sales.

Concurrent services refer to those that accompany the purchase of a new UPS unit, including installation, commissioning, site assessments and factory warranty extensions. Non-concurrent services refer to those that apply to an existing UPS installed. These services include maintenance contracts, time and materials, and battery replacements. These maintenance fees account for the largest share of all UPS service revenues.

Gautham Gnanajothi, Industry Analyst for Frost & Sullivan, predicts, that the market for both service types will witness a phase of consolidation during the next five years, with manufacturers looking for partnerships and alliances outside their geographic region to increase penetration.

The service revenues from three-phase UPS systems dominate the overall market, mainly because of the high service costs associated with these systems. Moreover, the awareness level among end users is increasing gradually and is the key driver for the segment of non-concurrent services, which is expected to register a high growth rate.

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Frost & Sullivan: Report on Global UPS Services Market

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