Outlook: What Tomorrow’s Data Ceners May Look Like

On Gartner’s Data Center summit, recently held in London, David Cappucino, managing vice president and chief of research for Gartner’s infrastructure teams held a keynote about the future of data centers from his analyst’s point of view.

Over the next five years, the data center will continue to shake off the constraints of a single, physical location to take advantage of the new opportunities afforded by mobility, the cloud, and high-performance networking, he says. There always will be a need for physical data center locations, but if the inner workings of a data center facility are less about the hardware and physical machines and more about the software, organizations can see increased flexibility, agility and lowered risk of downtime.

“Data centers will no longer be constrained by one specific site. Instead, organizations will have multiple sites, connected by high performance networks, with the ability to move workloads to where it’s less risky and more secure for the business,” Cappuciono says.

Over the next five years, according to his forecasts, data center operators will shift toward an operational strategy that puts more emphasis on business continuity and workload management.

This strategy will also contribute to increased efficiency, he says, and will offer organizations a greater competitive advantage.



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