Video & White Paper: Four approaches to better data center availability

In this Video by ABB North America you can learn how facility managers are finding increased efficiency from Data Center Infrastructure Management software that combines all center control systems within a single unified interface.

In this context, we also recommend the following white paper by ABB, “Four approaches to better data center availability”.  Its conclusion reads like this:

Overall application availability is more critical than the availability of each individual data center. That’s why organizations typically have redundant centers. While Tier 4 data centers are very well protected, natural disasters and extended power outages still create downtime risks. Taking steps to enhance the availability of each data center ensures overall availability.

A slogan for a well-known luxury car brand was “The relentless pursuit of perfection.” Every data center manager can relate to that sentiment.

The challenges faced in achieving that perfection is mathematically apparent when you consider the fact that the difference between the availability of the lowest-ranked Tier 1 facility and highest-ranked Tier 4 facility is .00324 … with two Tier increments in between.

Ratcheting up the availability of a data center requires tightly managing every aspect of operations. Highly reliable equipment must be selected and deployed in an architecture that not only capitalizes on the native device’s reliability but enhances it through synergies in the system.

As data centers grow in size and complexity, it will become essential to rely on high-functioning DCIMs to collect and synthesize data and to present it to operators in a way that guides them toward, or simply implements, a correct response.

Finally, when considering a technology refresh or addition of new capacity, DC solutions should be considered instead of AC power distribution. The benefits are apparent, and the technical roadblocks are quickly falling.

Download (PDF, 1.23MB)

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