Hyper-efficient conversion of power to data in 4 steps

High density data centers use electricity more efficiently, but they also tend to be busier – increasing total electric consumption. Further, according to Jim Shanahan (head of ABB’s Global Data Center business) in a recently published article (see link and embed below), as density increases, so do energy costs as a percentage of operating expense.

According to Shanahan, there are the four steps – admittedly much-simplified – to achieve hyper-efficiency in converting power to data.

Step 1: Implement the one-off improvements.

Step 2: Run the data center like a profit center.

Step 3: Chase every watt.

Step 4: Virtualize

We highly recommend to read the whole article to find out more about Shanahan’s advice.

Hyper-efficient conversion of power to data»

Download (PDF, 1.08MB)

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