Data Center Infrastructure Management: Introducing Decathlon

Decathlon is ABB’s data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution built on decades of proven success with mission critical systems for industrial applications. Delivered via hardware and software, Decathlon provides visibility, decision support and centralized control technologies across data center operations worldwide. It provides these capabilities through real-time monitoring and analytics of data center equipment performance, power and water consumption, and environmental factors that impact data center operations and, ultimately, business continuity. The information is presented in both graphical dashboards and detailed reports. If desired, Decathlon also provides automation of IT work flow, critical facilities, and energy market trading capabilities for rapid service responsiveness and improved flexibility to help achieve an agile data center.

With Decathlon, you can manage your data center operations enterprise-wide through a unified view that spans mechanical, electrical and IT systems—so you can deliver services faster, in the most reliable, efficient and sustainable way possible.

In the following video you can learn how facility managers are finding increased efficiency from Data Center Infrastructure Management software that combines all center control systems within a single unified interface.

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