Recommended Whitepaper from ABB: “Data is power – and data about power is money in the bank”

Many data centers have large gaps in what they know about their own use of electricity. And for even a modest-sized data center, the resulting inefficiencies can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

That’s why ABB recently released a Whitepaper that deals with all the savings that may result of monitoring AND understanding the information of the use of energy. The first step, Clemens Pfeiffer, CTO of Power Assure, an ABB partner says, is to develop a full understanding of how electricity is being consumed by undertaking monitoring, analysis and management of the center’s electrical use.

While the easiest improvements often lie in cooling systems, the largest energy savings are likely to be found in IT, he notes.

“Data centers use a lot of energy to manage information. When they carefully manage information about their use of energy,” Pfeiffer says, “they almost always find it’s possible to do a better job at less expense.”

You can download the Whitepaper after the following link.

Download (PDF, 1.77MB)

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