Now available: New customer Magazine Insider “Powering Ahead”

Today we would like to point to the new edition of the magazine “Insider”. It brings all the latest news and stories from the world of ABB UPS and is themed “Powering Ahead”.

“As you will see from this issue of insider magazine, a lot has happened in our business since my last editorial,” Amina Hamidi, Product Group Manager, Power Protection writes in her editorial.

For example there can be found story about ABB’s first offshore UPS installation on an oil rig (we already blogged some details about that).

Hamidi: “ABB, together with local business partners, completed a very significant order from Petronas, Malaysia, with the delivery and commission of uninter- ruptible power supplies (UPS) to an offshore oil platform. Because the offshore environment can be very harsh and remote, the client had pursued a very tough product assessment before settling on ABB’s UPS. The deal clincher was the fact that our innovative and rugged decentralised parallel architecture (DPA) delivers high availability and reliability, and repair and mainte- nance is easily accomplished by non-experts. One set of 4 x 40 kVA DPA modular hot-swappable UPS’ and two sets of  3x 30 kVA DPA modular hot-swappable UPS’ were supplied. The significance of the order lies in the fact that this is our very first UPS installation in an offshore platform.”

You can read and download the latest issue of “Insider” below.

Download (PDF, 1.89MB)

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