Survey about the importance of reliable maintenance and support services

Our business partners in UK, Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd, a Kohler company, recently conducted a industry survey questioning 2000 IT professionals about their needs.

The most significant findings were the following:

  • Over 91 percent of data centre professionals believe that maintenance and call out services are equally important as product features when it comes to selecting a new equipment provider.
  • Over 42 percent of respondents believe maximum reliability is the number one product feature they look for when selecting a new IT system.
  • 29 percent choose low TCO as their most important product quality – a significant increase, because questioned in 2013 only 3.6 percent chose low TCO.
  • 40 per cent of the survey’s respondents cited a reputation for quality and reliability’ as their most important supplier quality.

UPSL’s sales director, Alan Luscombe, commented on the survey’s findings on the company’s website:

“What’s clear is that IT and data centre dominated businesses are being squeezed in several directions and this causes fairly rapid shifts in their priorities. Over the past three years we have seen a combination of reliability and TCO become key areas for our customers as they try to deal with increasing energy costs and a continuing progression in terms of availability expectations.”

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