Recommended reading: Modular UPSs and Virtualization

In an article on Datacenter Dynamics Uninterruptible Power Supplies technical support manager Kenny Green looks at how UPSs can meet the new energy challenges of data center virtualization.

He writes:

“Organizations that adopt a virtualization strategy can find that this has a somewhat novel effect on their UPS installation. Whereas they may previously have struggled to accommodate an increasing load, they now find that their UPS’s load has suddenly decreased as virtualization efficiency allows hardware to be taken off line. This reduction in load can be significant, and if the UPS is a traditional transformer-based unit, its efficiency will be severely reduced. Such systems typically run at around 94% efficiency on a load of 80% or more, but drop to around 86% efficiency at 25% loading. This has severe impact on the data center’s operating costs, both directly and because the increased heat losses associated with lower efficiency incur further expenditure for cooling energy. The data centre’s power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratio will also be adversely affected, which can be a politically as well as commercially sensitive issue. Organizations today are increasingly expected to demonstrate a socially-responsible, ‘green’ image.”

His conclusion is a clear recommendation for a modular UPS topology to deal with these challenges:

“Virtualisation can significantly decrease a data center’s load on its UPS installation, while unpredictable changes in external requirements and internal software initiatives cause on going fluctuations in the load. Modular UPS topology has proven to be an invaluable solution to these conditions, allowing flexibility and accuracy in tracking these changing loads while minimising installation and operating costs, and maintaining the level of availability essential to today’s data centers.”

Read the whole article after the link.

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