White paper: The application of economy-mode in ICT UPS systems

In the pursuit of higher energy efficiency, particularly in the rapid growth sector of data centres and ICT microprocessor loads, the utilisation of high-efficiency, or “eco-mode”, UPS is a growing topic for debate. The fundamental question surrounds the risks, perceived or real, of continuous voltage supply compared to the rewards of lower electricity bills. The free technical white paper provided by Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd, our business partner in UK, explores the advantages to be gained from enabling an eco-mode feature together with reviewing the application risks.

The conclusion of the paper is as simple as clear:

“High-efficiency, economy or eco-mode operation of modern on-line UPS can provide considerable energy savings, whilst providing double-conversion protection when needed and avoiding having line-interactive partial protection just to save energy. It can be used to great advantage in dual-bus power systems.

The perception of ‘off-line’ operation, and any risk associated with it, must be fully weighed against the energy savings.

As energy costs rise and pressure increases on carbon emissions, the advantages of eco-mode may come to overwhelm the perceived disadvantages.”

The white paper is available for download after the following link.

Download: “The application of economy-mode in ICT UPS systems”»

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