Recommended Ebook about Data Center Energy Management

Feeding the data center’s energy needs without breaking the bank is possible – if you know a few tricks. The ebook “Data center energy management: Tricks for backup power, distribution and conversions” by SearchDataCenter (you have to login for download) includes targeted steps for data center energy management to lower data center power consumption and strengthen the bottom line.

Here is an excerpt from the preface:

Power consumption has become the reference of choice when describing the size of a data center. Before the rising costs of power caught the industry’s eye, data center managers described their facilities in terms of square footage. Now they talk about how many megawatts the data center consumes. In fact, some data centers still have plenty of physical room, but can’t expand. The power capacity is tapped to the point that data center managers can’t even plug in more IT equipment.

But why should data center managers care if they aren’t currently hurting for power capacity? A short-term benefit of controlling power con- sumption is a lower bottom line on your company’s electric bill. In the long term, it can forestall new data center construction projects, which could cost tens or hundreds of mil- lions of dollars. Those are financial benefits that company executives favor—and could prompt salary bumps or promotions.

Finally, while utility companiesand the government are eager to reward good ener- gy behavior now, it won’t be long before power and car- bon regulations are in place to punish bad behavior.

E-book: “Data center energy management: Tricks for backup power, distribution and conversions”»

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