CeBIT 2013: Strong results for ABB/Newave

With regard to the impact achieved, we can rightly claim that the 2013 show has turned out to be one of the strongest and most effective CeBIT event in the past several years. The show attracted around 285,000 visitors, slightly less than last year. But CeBIT’s focus on qualitiative impact rather than sheer numbers paid off and the profile of a B2B exhibition has been strongly raised in 2013 –  probably 84 percent of the 285,000 visitors were trade visitors.

ABB/Newave is very satisfied with  the outcome of the show. Overall the interest in our products were extremly pleasing, and we were able to make many new contacts but also strengthen our relationships with our business partners.

The presentation of the Conceptpower DPA 500 generated a huge interest on our both. Although it has only be a pre-launch and the product won’t yet be available for sales in the next few months ahead, the UPS was the industry‘s eye-catcher and generated a lot of traffic on the booth.  CeBIT was the ideal platform to pre-announce the new product and present it to our existing customers and potential buyers.

ABB/Newave did not only meet many German customers, but also many international contacts. Overall we do have more concrete requests and interests than in the past and the sales teams are very pleased with how things went.

The fully ABB branded booth has been very well received by our customers and the ABB appearance was very appealing.

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