Recommended reading: “Uncommon common-sense” by Uptime Institute’s Ken Brill

Kenneth G. Brill is the Founder of the Uptime Institute and the Site Uptime Network. Brill was involved in many data center industry innovations over the past 25 years, including the industry’s Tier system for evaluating and classifying data center facility performance, energy efficiency and productivity measurement.

In 2008 through 2010, Brill was an IT columnist for His essays in the blog “Uncommon common-sense” combine uncommon common-sense ideas with real-life illustrations to set practical bottom-line priorities.

Uptime Institute has now compiled a selection of his columns. There he deals with data center energy use, effective cross-department communication, and the changing nature and future of the IT industry.

That the columns were published some years ago, does not diminish its relevance. Still they are a sharp read about all things necessary when it comes to data center design and operations during all stages.

Uptime intitute offers Ken Brill’s articles as PDF for download. You can find them after the following link.

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