Green Grid White Paper: UPS Savings with Eco Mode

The energy-saving UPS configuration known as “eco mode” has become a viable option to help increase energy efficiency and save costs in the data center, according to The Green Grid, which offers some useful recommendations on implemention in a recently released white paper (“Evaluation of Eco Mode in Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems”)

In this paper the authors deliver deep insights on the usage and benefits of eco mode in Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS). Eco mode boosts UPS efficiency and PUE when properly designed and deployed, and is identified as one of the energy savings recommendations in The Green Grid Data Center Maturity Model (DCMM). The white paper looks at deployment considerations and makes recommendations, discussing energy efficiency gains and economic benefits.

Concusion of the paper: Eco mode boosts UPS efficiency from the usual high end of about 92% to 96% to as high as 98% to 99% for the data center PUE examples outlined in the white paper.

The White Paper “Evaluation of Eco Mode in Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems” is available for download here.

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