What the Data Center Maturity Model says about UPS and energy efficiency

The Green Grid-developed Data Center Maturity Model is gaining industry acceptance as a broad-based tool for the assessment of data center system health as well as providing a systematic approach to evaluating roadmap options, writes Intel’s Winston Saunders On DatacenterKnowledge.com. For us this opinion is a good reason to have a closer look at what DCMM means for planning and improving efficiency of the power infrastructure of data centers.

Basically, the model ranks maturity on a scale relative to industry best practice and a five-year vision for the future. Industry best practice varies of course whether you are talking about cooling, power, or management.

As you can see in the emdedded document below, for power the maturity comes in at level 2.

Download (PDF, 74KB)

At level 2 The Green Grid lists the following recommendations:

  • Consolidate transformers (use fewer series isolation transformers, consider autotransformers)
  • Select power (and backup) technologies based on TCO, Materials & Sustainability

The recommendations at level 3 go even further:

  • Eco Mode UPS that works for all business types
  • Scalable power infrastructure
  • Use products with flat, high efficiency at all loads
  • Review and capture waste heat (for example, to augment generator block heaters)

Conclusion: The Data Center Maturity Model is a good tool for data center operators to benchmark their current performance, determine their levels of maturity, and identify the ongoing steps and innovations necessary to achieve greater energy efficiency and sustainability, both today and into the future.

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