Five recommendations for a highly efficient data center

In the data center business, energy efficiency is a business imperative. In the words of Bob Mobach, practice director for data centers at Logicalis, „the data center requires a certain amount of exercise to keep it strong, healthy and performing at peak condition.“ That’s why Mobach compiled “Fast Five Ways to a High-Efficiency Data Center” for The Data Center Journal. His recommendations are very convincing here that is why we share them with you here.

1. Implement strategies for sun-setting technology: Almost every data center that’s 5 to 10 years old deals with systems that waste energy and cost many times more to operate than they may be worth. Creating sun-setting technology roadmaps for removing, replacing or upgrading these apps and hardware is the key.

2. Rationalize the data center network: IT professionals must review their network designs in the data center with experts able to ensure it is built to run according to a modern data center operating model. This should include support for wide-area network (WAN), network-attached storage (NAS), local-area network (LAN) and storage-area network (SAN) resources. And it must include the proper redundancy to support a 24/7 data center operation. Rationalization can also mean an in-depth review of data center distribution models and creating zones following new industry standards to optimize cabling and networking efficiency.

3. Optimize the data center: IT professionals should ask whether their data center is running at optimum performance and energy efficiency. They should consider advanced passive containment options for airflow, cabling and cooling that will streamline efficiency, maximize usage of current capacity and better manage the data center environment. Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) efficiency, passive cooling containment and various free-cooling options should all be considered.

4. Move strategic aspects of the data center environment to a cloud model: Leveraging cloud-based technologies to offset cost and create more-agile business-oriented models for delivering IT should be on the top of every IT manager’s interest list.

5. Outsource for efficiency with managed services and IT automation: Mundane tasks are part of many IT administrators’ everyday lives including things like backup management, LAN and WAN management or operating system (OS)-level management. Many of these manual operations take valuable time from the IT department that could be invested in focusing on core objectives and client business delivery. Automated tool sets and remote, industrialized and repeatable management options can drastically improve efficiency in the data center and help reduce operational expense.

The Data Center Journal: Fast Five Ways to a High-Efficiency Data Center»

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