Video series: Ian Bitterlin shares his insights on UPS and data centers

Dr Ian F Bitterlin is Chief Technology Officer for Ark Continuity Limited. Recognised as an expert mechanical and electrical engineer, he has produced a number of white paper data center studies and is widely acknowledged as a leading figure at data centre conferences worldwide.

In the following series of videos provided by Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd he shares his insights on various important issues around UPS technology.

Ian Bitterlin on the key points to consider when purchasing a potential UPS for a data center:

Ian Bitterlin on UPS availability requirements:

Ian Bitterlin on space optimisation:

Ian Bitterlin on load & efficiency within a DC:

Ian Bitterlin on capital expenditure vs. operational expenditure:

Ian Bitterlin on data centre design topologies:

Ian Bitterlin on eco-mode UPS within a data center environment:

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