Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award 2012 is presented to Newave

The Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award 2012 is presented to Newave. The award is a prestigious recognition of Newave’s technology leadership in the UPS sector.

Newave has constantly demonstrated excellence in technology through the launch and popularisation of new technologies in the three-phase UPS range. Newave invented the three phase transformerless UPS technology and introduced the first three phase transformerless UPS to the market in 1996. It developed the first parallelable transformerless UPS. Adding to the development of new technologies, it invented the first 60 kVA, 120 kVA, 250 kVA and 300 kVA transformerless UPS and pioneered the technology. With its expertise in transformerless UPS technology, Newave was able to extend its technology development by introducing the first three phase modular UPS in 2000.

Newave’s proficiency in transformerless UPS technology facilitated its invention of three phase modular UPS systems. It has a proven track record of leveraging new technologies in its UPS products. It leveraged the decentralized parallel architecture (DPA) in its modular UPS products and pioneered the technology.

R&D in Newave is extremely efficient with a flexible structure that allows it to work on multiple projects at various stages simultaneously. Newave has the reputation of making the most out of the available R&D budget.

Newave has an excellent reputation and brand value across Europe. It is perceived as a brand that is associated with high quality and technology.. It is known as the specialist in the modular UPS market. About 65 percent of the firm’s revenues come from modular UPS systems.

The customer value proposition offered by Newave is one of the best in the industry. The end users benefit from excellent quality and cutting edge technology. The company has been constantly providing products which offer industry leading efficiency, footprint, availability, and low total cost of ownership. Newave ensures that its partners are highly competent in selling its products. Its products are manufactured in Switzerland which ensures quality of the highest order.

Gautham Gnanajothi, Industry Analyst, Energy & Power Systems, Frost & Sullivan, comments:

“The fastest growing market in the UPS industry is in the area of three phase UPS systems. Within the three phase market, the highest growing segment is transformerless UPS systems. Newave has always been far ahead of its competitors in terms of technology in the transformerless UPS industry and its proficiency in transformerless UPS technology combined with its futuristic vision has led to its products being ahead of its time. Newave has achieved the significant feat of being the technology leader of the fastest growing UPS segment which is the transformerless UPS systems”.

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