Datanet keeps customers connected with modular UPS from Newave

Rapid growth in online commerce is driving the Internet hosting market forward and generating consistent growth opportunities for service providers. One company prepared for this trend to continue is Datanet, supplying best-in-class hosting services and Internet connectivity including co-location and dedicated servers for its wide range of clients.

In the past decade Datanet has grown rapidly and its new purpose-built datacentre at Fleet, just 20 miles from London along the M3/M4 corridor, works in combination with its existing London based datacentres to form part of its core infrastructure, and allows the company to expand its portfolio of services.

For a company whose clients rely on service continuity, reliable power availability is essential. With this in mind, Datanet needed an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) company who could offer the total protection, reliability and flexibility it needs to meet its clients’ expectations. Datanet turned to Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd (UPSL), Newave’s business partner in the UK, to provide a system that could facilitate the transition between loss of mains and starting of its standby generator, ensuring that all clients remain unaffected by any power interruptions.

When assessing which UPS supplier was best qualified to fulfil the brief, the decision was not an easy one but UPSL presented significant advantages, due to its Decentralised Parallel Architecture (DPA) technology and confidence in the company’s service team. Datanet Managing Director Conleth McCallan commented: “We have quite a bit of experience with data centres and UPSs but felt our requirement had grown considerably with the opening of the new site, and it was an opportunity to see if we could be better provided for elsewhere. In our business, we rely on good service providers, just as our clients rely on us, so it’s vitally important we find the best in every area. “UPSL came with a very competitive quote and an excellent reputation for support and service. After looking at the UPS it was clear it offered the best solution. It had the N+1 redundancy we wanted and with its modular technology it provided the flexibility to expand the system in line with our growth, eliminating unnecessary capital expenditure at the outset and avoiding excessive energy costs.”

Newave’s UPS installed for Datanet offers 100kVA load capacity, comprising three 50kVA modules with N+1 redundancy. The 19-inch rack also has space for two more 50kVA modules to double the capacity, whilst maintaining redundancy.

Alan Luscombe, Sales & Marketing Director for UPSL said: “The new datacentre is only phase one of Datanet’s planned growth, which will see two more phases built over the next three years. This will see the current 1000 servers grow to 2000 servers eventually being housed at the new site. With that in mind they needed a system that could be matched to current loads but with the capacity to meet future requirements. The modular nature of Newave’s UPS means it can be sized to the current load and expanded at any point in the future without increasing its physical footprint, making it ideally suited to fulfil a brief like this. This is a very cost-effective way to plan for growth without wasting money on over specification or additional air conditioning.”

Discussing why a UPS is so vital to his business Conleth McCallan commented: “We are operating a tier 3 datacentre and the UPS is amongst the most important equipment along with the generator. An ultra reliable and efficient UPS is the life blood between the supply and the servers. Online transactions account for a large proportion of our clients’ business so any disruption can have serious short and longer-term consequences – that is a risk we cannot afford to take. UPSL gives us the peace of mind we need, knowing that we’re protected and that professionals are on hand to ensure everything always goes smoothly.”

Formed in 1996, Datanet operates several datacentres from where it provides a comprehensive range of hosting and connectivity services to UK businesses, as well as a business continuity facility at its newest datacentre at Aspen House, Fleet. All are based on Datanet’s highly resilient IP Infrastructure and complemented by its professional and responsive customer support. In 2005, Datanet was announced as Best National Business ISP at the ISPA industry awards, followed by Best Business Broadband in 2007 and 2008. Over the last few years Datanet has received no less than fourteen nominations for Internet services to business.

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