5 data center industry trends to watch

At Datacenter Knowledge Eric Boonstra, managing director of EvoSwitch, a carbon-neutral data center in Amsterdam, gives some insights on the data center trends of the next years. Here we just filtered out the five most important industry trends to watch. You can read the rest of his article after the link below.

  1. The construction of multi-tenant data centers in (or nearby) major cities will continue, because of their connectivity needs. To be able to continue to operate in this sector, being green is now essential.
  2. With the increasing popularity of cloud and virtualization, the power needs per rack are changing. One can expect to see a growing demand for high-density racks.
  3. The PUE of a data center is increasingly important. Therefore, investing in energy efficient technologies is a must. But efficient and economical use of energy is not sufficient. A data center that is energy efficient and has a low PUE can not immediately be labeled as green.
  4. That is, why the usage of renewable energy is very important. When using renewable energy, data centers make use of energy derived from natural resources such as solar, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat.
  5. Green saves money. The regular energy prices are expected to keep increasing. The fact that energy efficiency is cost-effective, especially in the long term is evident (partly because green can cause a competitive advantage.) However, to obtain this advantage it needs to be communicated. This is why green data center business remains a hot topic for PR and communication.

DataCenter Knowledge: Data Center Trends: Connectivity is Key, Green is Inevitable»

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