UPS: from power protection to energy storage system

When we think about UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supllies), we still think about power protection devices. But as Robin Koffler, general manger of Riello UPS, points out in an article at Electrical Review, UPS are increasingly used as energy storage devices.


“Over the years, IT equipment has developed to become more robust and less sensitive to power supply problems. While the role of UPS as a power protection device is just as important as ever, in an increasing number of instances, UPS are installed primarily as a back-up or ‘energy storage’ device for use should the mains supply fail.”

According to Koffler this may mean a fundamental change for the UPS industry:

“The UPS industry is constantly evolving and exploring ways to make their operation greener to contribute to the wider energy picture. There’s a question of whether some on-site solar or wind generated energy could be used to charge the batteries in a UPS which would provide not only a greener option but potentially a cheaper one too. The future may also see the ability to discharge a UPS back into the grid when the battery power was not in use and just leave enough time for recharge. And we may see UPS used as a vital tool in the national grid and quite possibly play a part in the smart grid roll out.”

What du you think about this change? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Electrical Review: When will the UPS be renamed energy storage system?

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