DONG Energy trusts Newave’s System to protect critical IT infrastructure

DONG Energy is one of the leading energy groups in Northern Europe. The company is headquartered in Denmark. Their business is based on procuring, producing, distributing and trading in energy and related products in Northern Europe. Over 20 years experience of offshore wind farm development makes DONG Energy the current market leader in offshore wind power.

Atek, Newave’s business partner in Denmark, has delivered a new server room to DONG Energy. It is one of Denmark’s greenest and most energy-efficient server room. A high degree of free cooling due to rear-door cooling and a modular UPS system from Newave contribute to an expected PUE value of approximately 1.3 and a COP factor of over 7.5.

As DONG Energy advises others on server rooms, their own obviously has to be among the best. So they went for the most energy-efficient and environment-friendly solution within the framework of a healthy budget. Charlotte Wederking is Senior Project Manager of Group IT at DONG Energy. She explains: “It is an ultra-modern and green solution. I cannot say with certainty that this is Denmark’s most energy-efficient server room, but it is certainly one of the best.”

So the server room’s PUE (power usage effectiveness) value is expected to be as low as around 1.3 when all servers are installed. The PUE value is calculated by dividing the total electricity consumption in the server room by the total electricity consumption of the IT equipment. According to the Uptime Institute, the PUE value for server rooms is normally at around 2.5. The efficiency is also excellent. The COP (coefficient of perfomance factor at full load is estimated to be over 7.5. This means that at least 7.5 kW cooling capacity is being produced for every 1 kW recorded by the cooling system.

Charlotte Wederking highlights several points that made DONG Energy’s Group IT select the server room from Atek. “We put special emphasis on a high degree of free cooling”, she explains. “Atek’s solution has 100 percent free cooling at 11 degrees Celsius and partial free cooling at up to 17 degrees Celsius. This is mainly due to the use of the innovative Rear-Door Heat Exchanger (RDHx), where the cooling surface is located at the heat source at the back of the rack cabinet.

This rear-door cooling ensures that the heat is removed before it spreads throughout the room. The flow temperature starts at a full 15 degrees Celsius, whereas traditional systems start at 6 degrees Celsius. In addition, the cooling system contains the natural coolant propane instead of a traditional synthetic coolant. Propane is virtually harmless to the environment and the surroundings”, says Charlotte Wederking. Additionally, only infrastructure offering highest energy efficiency such as the UPS system by Newave has been chosen to equip the data centre.

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