Three reasons, why energy efficiency is a good business

Over the next decade, increased power efficiency will be a strong issue. The cost of electricity is set only to increase, and national governments are beginning to pass legislation that will make energy efficiency a requirement. So it is right about time for data center operators and suppliers to catch on and start saving power where they can.

There are many reasons why energy efficiency expectations have become such a certainity. Here we collected the three most important among them:

1. The international adoption of PUE (Power Usage Effecitveness). PUE was introduced by The Green Grid, an association of IT professionals focused on increasing the energy efficiency of data centers, and is now a widely recognized method of measuring and quantifying data center efficiency. PUE is a measurement of the total energy of the data center divided by the IT energy consumption. When calculating PUE, IT energy consumption should, at a minimum, be measured at the output of the uninterruptible power supply (UPS). However, the industry should progressively improve measurement capabilities over time so that measurement of IT energy consumption directly at the IT load (i.e. servers) becomes the common practice.

2. Role models like Google, Facebook and Ebay, who have developed, tested, and employed the best energy-saving tools, methods, and practices they can find. In doing so, these companies have demonstrated that significant energy efficiencies can really be achieved.

3. Pure economics: It is a fact, that energy costs keep rising. So we need to develop ways to reduce energy use und adopt an economy of scale, e.g. with modular solutions for data centers.

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