Newave India wins prestigious Indian Defence project consisting of 47 DPA UPScale RI systems

Congratulations to Newave India! The Newave subsidiary has won a large and prestigious Indian Defence Project. Newave’s UPS Systems will be installed in locations covering the coast of India including the Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep and will support the sophisticated coastal surveillance radar System systems installed by BEL (Bharath Electronics Limited).

BEL is a leading supplier of defence electronics systems and subsystems and plays a leading role in a number of major Indian defence programs. Bharat Electronic Limited has kept pace with the rapid changes happening in the area of strategic electronics and focussed on the design, development and manufacture of critical technologies that go a long way in safeguarding Indian frontiers.

BEL is supplying the all-weather, 24×7 sophisticated coastal surveillance systems which it has developed to safeguard the country’s vast coastline. For coastal security, the locations will be installed with coastal surveillance radars out of which many have already been supplied to the locations. The system networks radars, sensors, day & night electro-optical equipment, Automatic Identification System and meteorological equipment to present an integrated operational picture of the offshore to the user.

The order comprises:

  • 41 UPS systems including DPA UPScale RI 20 frames (1 x 20 kW module)
  • 6 UPS systems including DPA UPScale RI 20 frames (2 x 20 kW module)

Locally Newave India has added the following items to the UPS product delivery: IP 42 enclosure, IP 32 enclosure, galvanic isolation transformers and SMF batteries.

The 41 UPS systems consisting of RI 20 frames with 1 x 20 kW module housed in IP 42 enclosure have been installed at light houses at various coastal locations to power protect the radar systems. The 6 UPS systems consisting of RI 20 frames with 2 x 20 kW module housed in IP 32 enclosures have been installed in server rooms at coastal locations for collecting the data from the light houses and central level monitoring.

Ashok Kumar, Sales Manager Newave India, comments the project: “Due to the fact that the standard product can be integrated into any existing 19” rack, the requirements given by BEL were easily fulfilled. Additionally, the ability to safe-swap modules significantly reduces the system’s mean time to repair and simplifies system upgrades. This is very important as the UPS systems are deployed in locations with limited accessibility and difficult environmental conditions.

About BEL (Bharath Electronics Limited):

The Bangalore-based company, which has its manufacturing network spread over 9 Units across the country, manufactures state-of-the-art products in the areas of Military Communication, Radars, Naval Systems, C4I Systems, Weapon Systems, Electronic Warfare, Tank Electronics, Electro Optics, Telecom & Broadcast, Professional Electronic Components and Solar Photovoltaic Systems.

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