Why UPS vendors should care about cloud computing

One question often discussed, is why UPS providers should pay attention to the cloud? Superficially, the reasons for this discussion are quite obvious: A data center is still a data center. And power protection is still power protection. So it makes no difference.

But is it really that simple? With fewer businesses deploying their own computer services and turning to the cloud, UPS providers and installers could see a downturn in business from customers other than data centres. But this would be offset by the upturn in business from the IT sector – growth in data centre business for many power protections companies has mulitplied in the past years (We already blogged about that.)

The primary difference cloud is making to the UPS industry is in the actual equipment and products that are being demanded by the market. Commercial operations that are not necessarily IT businesses but that rely on computer systems to run are demanding energy efficient and flexible power protection systems that can be right-sized for today but easily expanded in the future (modular UPS) and that offer a variety of operating modes, greater efficiency and lower lifetime costs.

Whether they turn to the cloud or not, these businesses still need power protection. And if anything, greater reliance on electronic equipment in business will continue to drive up the need for power protection.

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