New Report on Green Data Centers

Today’s data center industry is estimated to consume around 1.5% of the world’s energy. The net result is that the industry is undergoing a sea change as it struggles to keep energy demand in check while concurrently growing.  Pike Research recently published a new report that says the use of green technologies will significantly reduce data center greenhouse gas emissions. It estimates that their use could limit total data center greenhouse gas emissions by 13 percent through 2016.

Find here the highlights of this report:

The trends shaping the green data center

“There is no single technology or design model that makes a data center green. The green data center is a direction of travel – it represents a continuous program of improvement that involves a commitment to introducing best practices and efficient technologies wherever possible. Simply put, the modern data center has to be energy-efficient to address energy costs and carbon emissions constraints. Yet, it also has to be more dynamic in its adjustment to new business needs and technology opportunities. Moreover, the green data center is connected to the broader transformation that data centers are undergoing. This transformation encompasses technical innovation, operational improvements, new design principles, changes to the relationship between IT and business, and changes in the data center supply chain.”

Modularization is the key concept in modern data center design

“Modularization in its various forms is one of the key concepts in modern data center design. Forms of modularization include containerized solutions, prefabricated components deployed on-site, controlled design templates, and standardized procurement. What is common across these approaches is the incremental provisioning of integrated, replicable solutions. A modular approach enables a standardized and tested model for the data center to be combined with a flexible approach to deployment. Modularization can also be seen as part of a broader shift to an industrialized view of the data center that spans changes in design and construction, operational parameters, business alignment, and services provision.”

The report also explores regional forecasts for market size and opportunities.

Find more information after the following link:

Pike Research: Green Data Centers»

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