Green approach to data denters: energy-efficient uninterruptible power supplies reduce power consumption (Report)

In the 2012 Energy Efficient IT Report published by technology firm CDW, some 54 percent of respondents said they have or are developing programs to manage power demand in their data centers. Of those organizations that have programs, 75 percent have reduced their IT energy costs.

The report provides solutions rating maps based on IT professionals’ own experiences and identifies where other organizations might find their next energy efficient IT investment. Survey respondents report that the energy efficient technologies and solutions implemented most often are as follows:

  • Virtualize servers/storage (65%)
  • Consolidate servers (60%)
  • Implement hardware that employs newer, low- power/low-wattage processors (46%)
  • Implement ENERGY STAR devices (44%)
  • Deploy more power-efficient networking equipment (31%)
  • Employ energy-efficient/load-shedding uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) (28%)
  • Employ new cooling approaches** (23%)
  • Increase use of hosted services (17%)

Even more interesting is, how much each of the following solutions have reduced the respondent organization’s power demand and/or energy consumption (as a percentage of total previous power consumption):

  • Virtualized servers/storage (28%)
  • New cooling approaches (22%)
  • Energy-efficient/load-shedding UPS (21%)
  • Consolidated servers (20%)
  • ENERGY STAR qualifying devices (17%)
  • Hardware that employs newer, low- power/low-wattage processors (17%)
  • Increased use of hosted services (17%)
  • More power-efficient networking equipment (14%)

One can learn two things from this data: First that a greener approach to data centers is gaining ground. Second that among other factors energy efficient UPS definetly helps saving energy and money.

Find the full report after the following link:

CDW | 2012 Energy Efficient IT Report»

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