10 Common Data Center Surprises

At AFCOM Data Center World Spring, Emerson Network Power released a list of 10 common surprises for data center and IT managers. The list was provided to help IT professionals better anticipate these issues and prepare them with the appropriate technologies, solutions and best practices.

The first three points are the most interesting for us, because they deal with common UPS issues.

1. Those high-density predictions finally are coming true

“The most recent Data Center Users’ Group (DCUG) survey predicted average rack densities will reach 12.0 kW within three years. That puts a premium on adequate UPS capacity and power distribution as well as cooling to handle the corresponding heat output.”

2. Data center managers will replace servers three times before they replace UPS or cooling systems

“Server refreshes happen approximately every three years. Cooling and UPS systems are expected to last much longer – sometimes decades. […] Modular solutions can scale to meet both short- and long-term requirements.”

3. Downtime is expensive

“According to a Ponemon Institute study, an outage can cost an organization an average of about $5,000 per minute. That’s $300,000 in just an hour. The same study indicates the most common causes of downtime are UPS battery failure and exceeding UPS capacity. Avoid those problems by investing in the right UPS – adequately sized to support the load.”

Read the rest of the ten common data center surprises at PowerPulse.net»

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