The most desired UPS features

Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd. takes one last look back on it’s last year’s data centre survey, to point out the key UPS features most desired by data centre costumers. The individual dots are very instructive, because they show what trends are currently shaping the market.

  • One of the key findings from the survey was the importance operators place on reliability.
  • Rising energy costs were a major concern to 80% of those questioned, especially as environmental legislation becomes increasingly punitive to non-energy saving organisations.
  • 63% currently regard ‘cost’ as the primary driver to reducing energy consumption.
  • 82% of respondents regarded energy efficiency as a key buying consideration and nearly 54% reported that modern UPS systems, designed and manufactured with environmental considerations at their core, have significantly improved power consumption and cooling issues within their organisation. This improvement is driven by transformerless technology within modern UPS design.
  • Over 90% believed that maintenance and emergency call out services are as important as the hardware itself. This reflects the mentality that availability is vital and without exemplary support, users are risking downtime and extended periods off-line. | The UPS features most desired by data centre operators»

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